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Klinische Forschung / Clinical Research Newborn Research Zurich (NRZ)

  • TREOCAPA - Prophylactic treatment of the ductus arteriosus in preterm infants by acetaminophen
  • OSCIFLOW - Effect of High Frequency Oscillatory High Flow Nasal Cannula on Desaturations and Bradycardia in Preterm Infants
  • ROPROP - Oral Propranolol for prevention of threshold retinopathy of prematurity. ROPROP homepage
  • The ALBINO Parent Study: Parental Satisfaction, Needs and Preferences for Consent Procedure in Emergency Clinical Trials for Critically Ill Newborns
  • WIGGLE - The Effect of Noninvasive High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation on Regional Patterns of Tidal Ventilation and Lung Volumes in Preterm Infants
  • General Movements Assessments from birth to 3 months and neurodevelopmental outcome up to the age of 2 years in infants < 30 weeks of gestation
  • PLASM - Placental surveillance of the fetal metabolism
  • SUNSET - Surfactant nebulization for the early aeration of the preterm lung: A single blinded, parallel, randomized controlled trial
  • Perinatal Palliative Care Services and Needs of Health Care Professionals Working in Swiss Perinatal Centres - A Nationwide Survey
  • SafeBoosC - Safeguarding the brain of our smallest children
  • NIPA - The impact of neonatal health and prematurity on their parents' health
  • Longitudinal, process, and outcome analyses of the Swiss Asphyxia and Cooling Register (2011-2018) - a national quality improvement project
  • BrainDNIU, Impact of intrauterine growth restriction brain development and consequences for later neurodevelopmental outcome: a prospective cohort study.
  • ALBINO - Effect of ALlopurinol in addition to hypothermia for hypoxic ischemic Brain Injury on Neurocognitive Outcome.  ALBINO Home,   Information flyer for parents,    Interview about the study
  • Creative Music Therapy to promote brain structure, function, and neurobehavioral outcomes in preterm       infants: a randmized controlled pilot trial
  • EpoRepair - Erythropoietin for the repair of cerebral injury in very preterm infants. www.eporepair.ch
  • NEuroSIS (FP7 EU) The Neonatal European Study of Inhaled Steroids is a randomized placebo-controlled      international multicentre clinical trial. www.neurosis-study.eu
    SwissNeoNet - Swiss National Registry of High-risk Newborns to Perform Research, Neurodevelopmental       Monitoring and Quality Improvement. SwissNeoNet homepage: www.neonet.ch/swissneonet/aims-and-description

Forschungslaboratorium für Biomedizinische Optik / Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory (BORL)

  • Beyond individual brain activity: Assessing inter-personal brain coupling using functional near-infrared imaging (fNIRI) hyperscanning (Swiss National Science Foundation)
  • Non-invasive high resolution near-infrared imaging of the neonatal brain based on time-resolved single photon detector arrays (NCCBI)
  • Tumour oxygenation measured quantitatively and non-invasively by near-infrared optical tomography (cancer research)
  • A new instrument to accurately measure the oxygenation of the gut to prevent shock in critically ill preterm patients. (Innovation Promotion Agency (KTI/CTI)
  • OxyPrem, Translating a novel oximeter to clinical use  www.oxyprem.com    
  • Non-invasive glucose measurement in preterms
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